Nikos Evdemon CSC

for Best Photography

CSC         2003    Mutant X

CSC         1998    Peacekeepers 

GEMINI  1996   The Lust of His Eye

GEMINI  1989  Glory Enough For All

GEMINI   1987 Seeing Things               

GEMINI   1986  Seeing Things

ANIK         1995  The Lust of His Eyes

ANIK         1992   Scales of Justice

ANIK         1991   The Private Capital

ANIK         1988   Glory Enough for All

ANIK         1988   Millennium in Russia

ANIK         1984    Man Alive

ANIK         1982    Mays Miracle

ANIK         1975    The Last Battle

for Best Photography

CSC           2003    Mutant X

CSC           1998    Peacekeepers 

GEMINI     2002   Torso

GEMINI     1998   Pit Pony

GEMINI     1996 The Lust of His Eye

GEMINI     1989   Glory Enough For All

GEMINI     1987   Seeing Things                

GEMINI     1986   Seeing Things    

GEMINI      1998    Nikita

GEMINI      1998   Peacekeepers

ANIK           1993   Scales of Justice

ANIK           1985  Man Alive

BIJOU         1981  Final Edition

CANADIAN FILM    1970  The Yellow Leaf

ANIK  CBC's  in-house annual awards
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